Micro ♥ Teacup ♥ Toy Puppies


  • I Ensure that the well-being of adult dogs and puppies in my care is a priority, at home and on the road. Their health, happiness, security and safety are to be placed above all other business considerations.
  • I will only breed sire or dam when they are both physically and mentally mature.
  • I will provide daily exceptional physical and mental health care for my entire adult and puppy pet family.
  • I will provide an abundant amount of love and patience toward my entire adult and puppy pet family.
  • I will make sure my adult and puppy pet family know they can trust me to always be enthusiastic and mindful, when it comes to their serenity.
  • I will tenaciously provide my adult and puppy pet family with all their emotional and physical needs round the clock, while in my care.
  • I will make sure to provide them with a safe and clean environment full of opportunity, fresh air, light and daily brain development activity.
  • I will make sure each adult dog and puppy have available to them fresh clean water to drink, healthy food and snacks available for them to eat. They will receive extra nutritious meals and snack tailored to their individual needs and wants.
  • I will only let a puppy go to his/her new home when he/she is physically and emotionally ready. Puppy will usually be 8-16 weeks of age or older.
  • I will provide a comprehensive amount of information that will be full of helpful guidance, before and after Puppy goes to live with his/her new family.