I LOVE my little baby boy SO much!  I purchased him from Princess Pet 5 years ago and I have never felt the kind of love toward a pet in my life.  He is so sweet and only wants to be cuddled and lay on my lap.  Everyone thinks he is still a puppy even though he is now 5!!  He definitely thinks he is human and really wants to spend time with his human friends giving us kisses and his precious little smiles. Thank you, Princess Pet! Xoxo (CALIFORNIA)

This is a long overdue letter, but we want to thank you so much for our puppy. He is 6 months old now and I can honestly tell you I’ve waited forever to have a dog just like him and it seems like I have found the perfect one for us! He is so precious, sweet, and playful. We can’t image our life without him. We are still amazed by how smart he is. He is completely potty trained now and has learned a few nifty tricks such as: sit, lie down, jump over, play dead, and a few others. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him immediately, especially the ladies…he is such a charmer! We would highly recommend you to anyone looking for the perfect family dog. The truest testament to this is the fact that my fiancé objected to the idea of getting a dog ever since I met him, but now can be found on any given night watching TV with our puppy on his lap. He is truly a joy to have and we are forever grateful for your services! (CALIFORNIA)

Hi, I just wanted to give you an update and say thank you for our little baby. She’s doing wonderfully. She loves to play fetch and climbs all over our other dog which is funny to watch because he’s a whopping seventy lbs! They are already best friends and even sleep together sometimes (although her favorite place is on the pillow right next to my head!). She loves everyone but me in particular…we’ve definitely developed a strong bond because as soon as I pick her up she just melts in my arms. With the help of our other dog she already knows how to sit. She also has a very healthy appetite and getting her to eat is never a problem. I am so in love with her it’s not even funny and I can’t wait until she gets all her shots, so I can take her to the beach with our other dog. I’ve attached some pics of her and our other dog. Take care and thanks again, we are very happy having her in our lives. Here’s a picture of us with her. (CALIFORNIA)

Hi: Hope all is well. It’s been awhile since we spoke. He is now 7 months old – can you believe it!?!? He’s such a charmer and has one heck of a personality. He’s definitely a “wild one” but always manages to make me smile! He’s brought a lot of joy to my life -thank you! Attached are a few photos of him. Speak soon. (CALIFORNIA)

Hi!! How are you doing? I am well. She is doing great!!! She is such a joy and such a mama’s girl We got a second puppy (Boxer) a few weeks ago, this one being for my husband. They are best of friends. Attached a picture. I will send to you a pic of both girls soon. Thanks again for everything!! (CALIFORNIA)

Hi, I hope all is well. Here are some photos, driving around with my daughter in her SUV My daughter is 5. They LOVE each other. She has been a great addition to our family and EVERYONE loves her! Thank you so much for everything! (CALIFORNIA)

Here are some pictures. She’s doing great. Our whole family adores her. (CALIFORNIA)

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that it’s day 3 and we are doing great. We took her to her first vet visit today and they said she is healthy, and she behaved like an angel for the vet. She is still super playful and energetic and was very sociable with my friends who came to visit today, bearing gifts. Everyone who has met her is completely in love with her. Here are a few photos attached. I will send more details/photos when we have a bit more time. Hope all is well with you! Thanks again for our baby!!! (NEW YORK)

OMG, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Our November ended up being a crazy month. But we are totally enjoying the puppy. We actually finally picked a name that everyone could agree on. She is so adorably cute. She is adjusting to us well and us to her. Here are a couple of pics of her. I have a gazillion, so it is very difficult to narrow it down. But here it goes. Ok hopefully I didn’t send you toooooooo many. As you can tell we adore her. (CALIFORNIA)

Hi, Here are some pics of my daughter with our puppy and our kitty . Our kitty and our puppy have become ‘Best Buds and ‘Partners in Crime’…LOL! Happy Holidays to you and your family! (CALIFORNIA)

Hello! We just wanted to tell you how she is doing. And she is doing wonderful! She is a new addition to the family, no doubt. She is always wanting to play and have fun. We love her so much. Thank you for sending her. She is always getting into trouble in the cutest possible ways! She is great. Much love! (CALIFORNIA)

Hi, I know it’s been a long time since I last contacted you. wanted to let you know that He is doing great. He turned 2 this fall and has become certified as a therapy dog through the good dog foundation in New York. He is so loving & fun – and his favorite activity through good dog is going to school and having kids read books to him we are in the process getting certified for hospital visits in the children’s ward. His non-shedding coat is perfect for this kind of environment. He also has had a pretty profound effect in my life (for the better of course!) I’ve recently launched a company geared towards dogs. We make vintage style rock ‘n roll t-shirts for dogs & I wanted you to see our website, so you can see Him in his “rock ‘n roll” days as well as his new modeling career hope all is well! and thanks again for Him! He is just the greatest!!!! All the best, (NEW YORK)

She loves the beach!! She jumped in the ocean. I thought it might bother her skin but after washing her she seemed softer! She just loved it!! It was so fun. I take her everywhere. She is a hit all the time. (CALIFORNIA)

Hi, I just wanted to let you know, this is the best dog in the whole world. Well he is so sweet and is so smart. We have taught him numerous tricks in the matter of minutes. Everyone can’t get over how smart he is! He is the perfect dog, even my boyfriend who was adamant on getting a large dog, says he is the best dog he has ever seen. Everyone in the neighborhood wants him. I take him everywhere with me. He loves all dogs and all people. It took about three weeks to completely potty train him, and once he got it, he never goes off the pads. I can’t believe it! He truly is my baby and I love him with all my heart. Thank you so much. Love. (CALIFORNIA)

Everyone who meets her, just falls in love…even men, they pretend at first as if they are “Big Dog Men”, but it only takes a little while before they are down on their knees talking baby-talk to her. lol She is my baby! I still don’t leave the house much, b/c I hate to leave her alone, and usually will get a baby-sitter if my husband & I go out for dinner or something. haha People laugh at me, but I don’t care. My husband teases me sometimes, but don’t be fooled, he is just as “gah gah” over her as I am. She is 2 1/2 years old, and will be 3 in May can you believe it? It has gone by so fast…Btw, how is your family? Business good? Are you getting nice people calling for your babies? You know, we might be calling you in a few years for a buddy for our little girl. The vet says as they get older it is good to get them a buddy, as it furthers their life span. Have you heard that? Catch up when you can hon. Wish you lived next door, I know we would be fast friends, though we might not get anything done. ha-ha Speaking of which, I got to scoot, I have a million errands to run today. Hugs & Kisses (CALIFORNIA)

Hi!!! Everything is going great!! I recently gave birth to my first son! Our little boy is excited about having a brother. He now weighs 4 pounds and still cute as ever!!! (ALABAMA)

Our little Girl is the beauty in the family. Your ears must ring all the time, b/c when ever I take her any where, people always ask where I got such an adorable puppy (they always think she is a puppy, haha, just so darn cute I guess). Anyway, I tell them the whole story of how we met and what a wonderful person you are.. so, here are some pictures. Tootles for now, and I hope you enjoy the pics..I have it on my screen saver..she is so cute!!! (CALIFORNIA)

Hi, good to hear from you…. Wow, it’s been almost a year! He is happy, healthy and very affectionate. My daughter adores him and is very attached to him. We were concerned that the novelty might wear off, as it typically does with kids – this has not been the case. Now the only question is, do we want to get a female companion for him??? I’m attaching some recent photos. The first 3 were when he was 6 months old… the 2nd 3 are from October 13 (a week before His first birthday) Thanks for your email & happy holidays to you and your family! (CALIFORNIA)

I’m still in love with her. She is 13 months old now. We celebrate most months. She runs the house, but we pretend she doesn’t. Thank you. I still refer people to you. My sister is almost ready for one soon. She has some more growing up to do, but she is finally trusted with her outside. She is 22, but I’m so protective of my baby! She makes my life better and even thru a break up, she is never a brat and always there for me. She sleeps in my bed and I swore I would never let her. She is smart and so sneaky. Everywhere I go people want to play or meet her. She dances and does a few cool tricks! Thanks again for making my life better. Hope you are well and going strong as ever! (CALIFORNIA)

Hi! He is doing great! We got him this cool car seat. We are heading to Southern California for Thanksgiving, so he will be riding in style. He knows how to sit, lay down, stay, do his business outside on command, and uses the puppy pads inside. We are working on drop & having him come when we call him. He rings a little bell attached to the French doors when he wants to go outside in the backyard. He loves to feel the fresh cut grass on his tummy. He is so smart! I got him groomed & they were so impressed. They don’t call him a puppy but mini maltipoo because he stands like a rock the whole time they work on him & he loves the one on one attention. He is quiet, yet plays well with the other dogs, he is very social. We just love him & it is like Christmas every morning, he is just a happy lovebug. Thanks for enriching our lives with a wonderful princess pet! Hope all is well with you and the family. Take Care (CALIFORNIA)

Hey Lady! It’s me. I know it has been a while since we last spoke, but I cannot explain to you how in love my entire family is with her. She is doing amazing. She is actually almost four pounds now and is very healthy. We trained her how to sit and do paw and I could not get over how easy it was. She was good with her bathroom habits as soon as she got here! It was awesome! She really is the love of our lives and we all are so thankful of you for being there and guiding us through the entire process. You really are a great individual and I can definitely see where she gets her outstanding personality from! It is quite obvious she came from a very loving and caring home and we thank you so much for that. I tell everyone who asks where I got her from and encourage them to look at your website if they are interested. Once again, thank you so much for everything. Hope all is well! (I attached a couple pictures of the baby Jersey girl!) (NEW JERSEY)

I hope this greets you with a smile! I think of you so often..just wanted to check in and let you know that she is doing great! Spoiled, Loved, & the Angel of my eye… (CALIFORNIA)

We are so happy to have her be a part of our family. She is soooo adorable. She is going to be so loved by us. We hope you enjoy this cute photo of her, we will be sending more!!!! We thank you and your family for our little girl…. Love, From the whole Family (GEORGIA)

Hi, Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know that she is just great.. by the way I have a few friends that are interested in buying a dog from you. (LAS VEGAS)


I love my Baby Girl ! ! ! – she is going to be 2 years old this December and has brought incredible joy and entertainment to our family. That is why my Son and Daughter-In-Law are also now ready to bring home the same type of Baby Girl. Once again, thanks so much! With ‘barking’ cheers. (CALIFORNIA)

Our Baby Boy is one year five months. He is very active and energetic, very healthy with no eye stain. He sleeps with his Mommy when she gets home from work graveyard shift) and never leaves her until she wakes up. He loves going to the park and playing with other dogs. He also loves taking pictures and posing for a good shot. Thank you for giving us our Baby Boy we love him very much. (CALIFORNIA)

We got our little maltipoo girl from you about a year ago and could not be happier. My kids adore her. I have never had a dog who is so wonderful with younger children. She has never snapped at them and she puts up with a lot. We could not have asked for a better addition to our family. I will send you some pictures of her. Thanks so much! (FLORIDA)

Hi, I have a 6-month-old female maltipoo that I got from you in March (she is the X-mas puppy). She is the most wonderful dog ever!! I have so much fun with her!! She has so much fun with our German Shepherds. She plays with them nonstop. Her favorite game is surfing. She grabs onto the tail of the male GSD and hangs on while he pulls her around the house looking for me to get rid of his new appendage. She makes such a ruckus growling and snarling when she ‘kills’ her toys that all of the big dogs want to go outside to get away from the craziness. She loves to crash with me and is very opinionated about when it is time to go to bed or take a nap. She is such a joy!! She has brought so much spunk into the house. I can’t imagine what things were like pre-puppy! She has such a personality that even my tough guy friends can’t keep their hands off her. Their initial response is “what is that??” but pretty soon she has them right where she wants them. Her favorite game with the guys is tug’o’war. She grabs hold of a sock or towel and starts growling and won’t let go. You can pick her up off the ground about six inches and she doesn’t even notice. She is the best horse show dog ever. She struts around the fairgrounds like she owns the place. She lets the big dogs know that it is her barn, those are her horses and I am her person. Everyone just can’t get enough of her. She has several horse people convinced that she is part Jack Russell because she is so spunky. I have assured them she is not. She weighs 4.5 pounds now and rules the house! We are moving to New Mexico and she loves it out there! She has such a good time lizard hunting! I am sure that we will be wanting another maltipoo at some point because she is so wonderful!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful little dog! Thanks, (CALIFORNIA)

Our puppy was born 2006. She is a happy loveable wonderful part of our family! (FLORIDA)

Hello, I don’t know if you remember me, but I live in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl and I purchased a Maltese from you. She’s a great dog and we love her dearly so much that I am looking to purchase a companion for her. I would like to know what you have available? If you can please contact me by email or phone I would appreciate it. (FLORIDA)

Hi! Hope things are going great. He is doing really good. He is such a little hopper. The girls love him to death and love to hop around with him. The whole family loves to watch him do this and he loves sticking his head in shoes, some of them almost eat him up. I love him, I love him. He still has his cute little puppy breath and I love to rub my face against his fur, it is so fluffy. He still is a little guy. Most of him is his hair that is growing all over. The picture is one of the first that we took with him. After this weekend I plan on sending some more. Thank You for filling our home with a little bark. (CALIFORNIA)

Hi, I’ve been meaning to drop a line to let you know my little female Maltese, is the love of my life! I got her January 2006. She is absolutely adorable. She turned out to be strong, too. I wouldn’t trade her for the world, and she is a joy. Thank you for her. (TEXAS)

Wanted to drop you a line to say hi… She is 2 years old now and we all adore her!!! She really is a sweet dog, believe me when I tell you that we treat her like a baby!!! (NEW YORK)

He has this little tiny bear it’s only about 3 inches and he LOVES to play with me. He will put the bear in his mouth and start running around the house until I start chasing him. It is so funny. He knows that I can NEVER catch up to him and he loves it. OMG he is SUCH a smart and VERY kind dog, I give him treats if I have to leave him home alone (which is VERY rare) and one day I was yelling for him to come on a walk and he took forever and I couldn’t figure out why… well it turns out he had hid a treat and during our walk he had it in his mouth the entire time until we saw this girl dog that he LOVES and he ran to her and set his treat on the ground right in front of her. It was the cutest thing. I could not believe he did that. He is such a smart little boy. EVERYONE loves him. He is such a mommy’s boy though. He will not go anywhere unless I am right next to him, it is so sweet! (CALIFORNIA)

Thank you sooo > much for our baby boy! I love him more than you could ever imagine. (FLORIDA)

You are a great breeder! He came healthy and still is. He is so my baby and everyone including me absolutely adore him more than anything. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!


Hi, I thought I would give you a little update on our puppy… and thank you again for sending her to us in California. We are having the best time with her. She is the greatest! She has won over all the family and is the star of the house. She has a fabulous temperament and loves to play fetch. She is still petite and is not a very big. She has learned to sit and stay on command and is very proud of herself when she does it. We have had her groomed once and we bathe her weekly. She has such pretty hair. She is very healthy. She is completely potty trained and sometimes uses inside pads, but mostly goes out in the backyard. We think she is very smart. I just wanted to let you know that you sent her to a loving family and she is very happy. I thought you might like to see some pictures of her. (CALIFORNIA)

Hello, Here are some pics of my baby boy. I love him very much. Thank You. (CALIFORNIA)

Hey there! I still refer people to you every week. I love my baby girl more and more every day. I was offered $5,000 dollars for her the other day and I laughed. NO WAY! Thank you. (CALIFORNIA)

She sits on my lap when I’m driving. Usually she goes right to sleep. She plays every minute I’m home. She gets my chair and ottoman and I get the couch. She curls up when I’m watching t.v. she sleeps too. She is a mini me everyone says. I can’t go anywhere without being stopped. My life has changed so much. I always joke and say it’s the pupparazi!! She went to macy’s with me last week. No one kicks me out because they all want to hold her. ha ha. I’m lucky. I trim her bangs so that its spiky and wash her face and she loves it. she loves to be massaged and runs when I say BATH. my puppy loves a bath. everything I use is safe and good for her and I baby her so much. My friends love her, and family says she’s my baby. I will probably buy my sis one day. They are too cute. (CALIFORNIA)

After I wrote you I went into complete liver failure and needed an emergency transplant. I went into a coma at home and was saved because when my mother called he knocked the phone off the hook and was barking terribly and she rushed over, rushed me to the hospital, and then I was flown to a transplant center and received the transplant. If it was not for our baby boy, we got from you I would not be alive. (CALIFORNIA)

She is doing great Sleeps with me …ON ME and loves going in my purse Thanks so much She is awesome. Just a lover baby doll. (CALIFORNIA)

Hi, Hope you are doing well. I just want to thank you again for our little girl. Today is our 2-month anniversary from the day we picked her up from LAX – Continental Airlines. She is the most amazing puppy ever. She brings us so much joy, so much happiness. She is very smart, very funny, beautiful and furious. She is only 4.8lbs and will playfully take on her big 16.5lb sitter – tackling her to the ground. Actually, our sweet, loving 1.5-year-old puppy, will let her win. She just adores her. They play together 24-7. She immediately taught her Tug of War. She gets her to bite one end of the toy, then she bites the other and they each tug away. It is so precious. They melt your hear. Our cleaning lady has a hard time going home. She just loves the 2 of them. They love her too. She said every-time they find her in a different room in the house, they greet her as if she just came into the house. Wagging their tails, jumping up and down. She’ll tell me to make sure she leaves on time, because she has to go to school afterwards. But she always has a hard time getting out the door. Thanks, you so much. She brings me so much joy! Take care!!! (CALIFORNIA)

Hi, Sorry it took a while to get back to you. I was working on a giant project that was due on Monday. Anyway, all is well, he is a lot of fun. Here are two pictures for you, Thanks (CALIFORNIA)

She is doing great…here is a photo for you:) (NEW JERSEY)

All is well! No problems whatsoever. Thank you. Pictures will come later. (CALIFORNIA)

She is doing great! She ate and drank when we got home and now she is napping on the couch with my son. She seems very happy. I am happy. (MARYLAND)

Happy New Year! I had to write and thank you for our little boy. We knew we’d love the puppy but had no idea that we could possibly love him this much. He has become the center of our universe! He is the cutest, smartest, most adorable little thing – and such a character. Great job on raising him (and picking out the right puppy for us). He slept right through the first night and knows where to go potty. We have you to thank for that! I’ve attached a few photos hope you enjoy them! Thanks again for making everything so easy and fun for us! (TEXAS)

She is doing just fantastic!!! We all adore her! Even our 2 kitties. (CALIFORNIA)

She is still great! Everyone loves her! Today a lady stop to see her when we were out to lunch. The lady thanked us and said she made her day. Here is a picture of the whole family. You are welcome to use any of the attached photos. By the way, she was a huge hit at the hair salon. Oh, my goodness, it was unbelievable!! Thanks so much!!! (NEW YORK)

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we are loving our time with our new puppy. She is adorable and so fun! She seems to be adjusting to our family extremely well. She is eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, peeing and pooping……all we could hope for from a new puppy. The whole family is in love with her. My bunny is a bit afraid, but our puppy is not the least bit afraid. I am hoping that they will get to be friends soon. My daughter burst into tears when she saw her new puppy because she was so surprised and so happy. You have made this the best Christmas ever! Thank you so much for talking to me last night and for making things happen so fast. I am still amazed that this has all worked out so fast and so well. I want you to be assured that our new puppy is in a good home and we will take good care of her. Thank you again for everything. (CALIFORNIA)

Hey, My baby boy is doing great! He is everything we could of wanted in a dog. I just thought I would tell u he is doing good. Hope you have a Merry Christmas! (CALIFORNIA)

Our little puppy is sitting on my lap as I am working right now. It is midnight. She is great company. She is sleeping in my lap as I type away. She sometimes whines when I leave her. When I come back in the room she is so happy jumping up and down. You know, how happy dogs are when you come back home from work or errands. She does it every time I come in the room. I think having the chicken and rice in the car when we picked her up at the airport made a big difference. My husband absolutely adores her. I think there is a lot of your love in her. I just feel it. You really delivered on this one. Home Run! We hoped she would be a cute little teacup dog. We thought she may be a bit on the delicate side. Well the cute little teacup dog was absolutely what we got. Her personality is absolutely bursting with loving energy.. She is fearless. And she gets along great with our Labra-Doodle 1-year-old puppy and our 2 cats. Our Labra-Doodle adores her as well. As far as she is concerned our little puppy is her little Sister/Christmas present. They chase each other around the house. Our Labra-Doodle chases her – then our little puppy chases our Labra-Doodle. They play tug of war all the time. Whatever our Labra-Doodle has our little puppy wants and whatever our little puppy has our Labra-Doodle wants. Attached are pictures of (the 3-year Himalayan) and a picture of (the 13 year-old Dark Persian-with beautiful orange eyes). Talk to you soon. (CALIFORNIA)

Hi, You were so right! She is even more beautiful and wonderful than you said! Her personality is just incredible. She is doing just great. She is eating, drinking and going to the potty just great. She is currently sleeping in her new bed in my office with me as I work. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! (CALIFORNIA)

Hello Well, She had a great appointment with the vet. He loved her and gave her a perfect bill of health. He said he wished more puppies were as healthy as she is. He felt her hips, knees, checked her bite and heart. All great! Thanks for a wonderful puppy. I will definitely talk to you when I want a playmate for our puppy. Thanks again, From our whole family. (CALIFORNIA)

Everyone is in love with her–even the CEO played with her and held her. I will have more photos with people tomorrow. She played with everyone. Thanks again and I will send you more soon. She is sleeping at my feet right now and already has tons of toys. She is SO playful. Thanks again for my gorgeous baby. (CALIFORNIA)

Our puppy took a liking to my daughter. She absolutely loves her. Maybe since my daughter is the same age as your daughter? I can tell she has been very well taken care of. I am so happy that we found you. Thank you! (CALIFORNIA)

Thank you! I sent you a couple of pictures of our puppy with my daughter. Did your daughter spend a lot of time with her? She absolutely loves my daughter. She bonded with her almost instantly. I was so worried about the flight, and getting her to eat, but everything went wonderfully! She took the nutrical, drank some water and was chewing on my daughters’ fingers (in a playful way) before we even got back on the freeway. She whined a little after about half an hour and we put her in a dish pan with a puppy pad under her. She peed right away on the pad. Then she settled down in my daughter’s arms and slept the rest of the way home. Once we got here, I gave her chicken and rice which she gobbled up as fast as she could. She played all evening. We are very happy with her, and she has settled in very well. I thought it would take longer, but she is doing fantastic. She has played with all of her toys and even picked out a favorite. I can’t thank you enough. Thanks, From our entire family. (CALIFORNIA)

I just love her to death, and so does everyone else. She looks for me already and won’t leave my feet and has her own areas that she loves to make a cave in. She came to work with me, I figured she was too cute to get me in trouble ha ha. here are some pics of her!! (CALIFORNIA)

Girl, I swear I almost called you today! You have been on my mind so often. Your ears must burn often, as I speak of you fondly whenever someone ask about my sweet little baby girl. Btw, you will be happy to know she is doing great, spoiled and loved every day, healthy & happy just perfect says the vet. She sleeps with us every night, and is never left alone, I mean NEVER! lol When I need to run errands during the week where I can’t take her, I have one of my friends come over and baby sit. My husband and I went away for a weekend alone last month for the first time since we got her (couldn’t find any pet friendly hotels where we were going, grrr…), I tell ya girl, it almost killed me being away from her. My mom stayed at our house and babysat, She really loves my mom and we spent 2 weeks a while back with my mom and my mom stayed with us a few months back for 2 weeks, so I figured she was in good hands. My mom even slept in our bed so baby girl wouldn’t feel completely out of sorts. Oh my, I love your new site, My husband & I just spent an hour checking it out. Well done! I know you put your heart and soul in it, and it shows. You are such such a special angel, and will always be in my heart. I know if you lived next door our husbands would have to pry us apart as you & I can talk a blue streak. Well, I better make this short, as baby girl is trying to give me a face bath, lol, oh yes, she loves to lick us at bedtime and is very persistent about it. She holds her paw on our face and starts on the eyes and tries for the ears, but it tickles me to much. haha Oh, I have some pictures to send, but need to find the recent ones…but for now, here are a few….hope they make you smile…..the first picture I sent is on my screensaver, she is soooooooo adorable…tootles… (CALIFORNIA)

Hi ,How are you? She is so adorable! We are all having so much fun with her. Thanks, My oldest daughter is being a big sister to her new puppy. Here are some more pics. Happy Holidays for you and your family. (CALIFORNIA)

HEY, I don’t know if you remember me i bought a puppy from you this time last year.. Btw i saw your pictures of you and your beautiful family and hunny you are beautiful don’t ever want to change and more so your beauty radiates within my baby girl..I don’t think I can say thank you enough for giving me such a blessing i mean having her has taught me more than I ever have known about responsibility..along with this email I wanted to send you recent pictures of me and her on my birthday..and i hope you and your family are doing well…I hope business is going well..and know I recommend everyone to come to you for a puppy…cuz they truly are the most well trained most beautiful little souls and they warm our heart and know when your sad i mean it’s amazing if I am ever crying she does not leave my side she licks my face tries to play and i mean who can resist that face!! Well i know you are a busy lady i don’t want to bore you anymore i just wanted to thank you and give you an update on your creation!! Tons of love! (CALIFORNIA)

Hello, I’m sending you the first pictures I took of her. She is so adorable!!! We all are so happy that she is here, and it feels like she has being here a long time. Thank you so much again and let’s keep in touch. Take care (CALIFORNIA)

When I got to the airport on Thurs. night I could barely stand it. I felt so impatient to pick up my new little boy Maltese! When I got to cargo a woman was holding him! She told me he was too adorable to leave in his cage and that she just HAD to hold him. I put him in my car and on the drive home I pulled him out of his carry on and put him on my lap I was just too happy to leave him in there! When I got to my house I was nervous because this is the first time in my life that I have had a puppy. I had been thinking about it for 1 & 1/2 years! A long time I know, but he will be with me for a very long time. When he got here he waltzed over to the wee wee pad and went! I was so amazed! Then I played with him and he was so sweet. He doesn’t really bark except when I have him on the couch and I am walking around. He likes me to be sitting ON the couch and then he doesn’t mind. On Friday I went to work and came home at lunch to play with him. I missed him so much in the morning I decided to take him with me on a long drive in the afternoon. He curled up on the counsel and fell asleep on my drive! I can’t believe how much love I already feel for a little dog, I have never been a real “animal lover”, but once you have a little guy like mine, you can’t help but fall for how sweet he is.I like to take him on walks at night and he rebels by laying on the ground like a little mop. Everyone stops and wants to know about him. When he rebels I just pick him up because I know he’s too tired and I either carry him on my chest (he rests his head on my shoulder like a baby) or I was wearing a hoodie tonight and zipped him in it and he was content to look out and watch the boats and people! Thank you everyone at Princess Pet. He has already enriched my life so much. He just makes me laugh and is so good natured. P.S. I sent you a picture today. (CALIFORNIA)

She has been on many adventures with us! This is a picture of her with my husband at Joshua Tree National Park, CA in April when she was only 4 months! (CALIFORNIA)

Over the Labor Day weekend, we went hiking again, this time to Mt. Whitney! As you can tell, She loves cooling off in the mountain streams, loves laying in the shade getting even dirtier and dustier, and admiring the beautiful scenery! The day these pictures were taken, we hiked 6 miles on the Mt. Whitney Trail, and except for a few particularly steep places over which I carried her, she hiked nearly every step! She loves being outside! Who says little girlfriends can’t have both pink bows and top knots and be active!?!?!??!!? (CALIFORNIA)

Not only does she enjoy hiking, she loves the ocean and the beach even more! Chasing waves and rolling in the sand are 2 favorites. She gets comments everywhere we go because she’s so cute, is obviously having so much fun, and looks like she should be not so dirty! People comment on how lucky she is to be both so well-groomed and allowed to act like a big dog at the same time! Needless to say, she often gets brushed, rinsed, bathed, detangled, etc. sometimes more than once a day depending on our activities! (CALIFORNIA)

My daughter just got a new video camera and she has downloaded the footage onto her laptop and made a video. I thought you would enjoy it. We will get you pictures too since this does not really have the kids as much. She has been so happy, and my daughter adores her puppy. My daughter hurt her knee the next day and has been on crunches but still gets up with the puppy and takes care of her. Thank you so much. (CALIFORNIA)

Hey, Just stopped in to let you know that he is doing great! He is the best thing to happen to me! (CALIFORNIA)

I know you probably thought we forgot about you, but never. I have been thinking about you a lot and so has our sugar baby. He is the best puppy someone could ever have! Thanks for choosing him for us. Hope you remember us!!!! We thank u for everything. (CALIFORNIA)

Just wanted you to have the latest pictures of the “princess”. She is the most delightful little girl and as smart and manipulative as the come. Hope all is well with you. (CALIFORNIA)

He is very healthy and so smart. He has brought my entire family so much joy. He is doing great with his puppy pads. Thanks for the new addition to our family. (CALIFORNIA)

He is doing great! The people at the airport loved him and we love him soo much already. He slept all night last night with me and he’s used the bathroom every time on the pads the first time he did my mom called my dad at work and told him lol it was great I will send u a pic of him as soon as I get one on my computer!!! Thanks, talk to u later. (CALIFORNIA)

She’s doing just fine she had a good night and she’s following me all over the house when I sit at the computer if she’s not on my lap she’s on the floor laying on my feet. She also follows my daughter everywhere and she’s playful. We are really enjoying her, and she seems happy so whenever you want to know how she’s doing you can email us or call. (CALIFORNIA)

As of today, he is doing well, happy and very active. He plays after eating and sleeping. He is very nice. When he’s in our bed I place his blanket next to me and a small pillow for his head. Even if he is already awake at 7AM, he just lays next to me and waits until I wake up at 8AM. (CALIFORNIA)

He is doing great! When I picked him up in the airport, he was so quiet. They opened the carrier and immediately he ran to me. He was Wagging his tail and licking my hand… we immediately bonded… he is so sweet and friendly. People at the airport stopped to pet him and tell him that he’s so cute. I think the other dogs in the same flight were jealous co’z they started barking at him. I took him to Petco to buy his supplies…everybody loves him. When he and I got home, my wife was so happy to see him. He has no problem bonding with my wife also. He stared to explore his new home and immediately attack the wire cords… hahahaa But, I immediately correct the wire cords attack using Cesar Millan (Dog Whisperer) techniques. He like the fake grass, I setup outside the patio when we moved in. I will send you more pictures and tell you more stories soon. Happy Daddy! (CALIFORNIA)

The two Maltese’s got along so well that we decided to purchase another pup from you. Three years have passed and all three Maltese’s play happily seeing who can run the fastest. Giving our older Maltese her two younger sisters was the best. Right now, they are all at my feet as I type on the computer. I became disabled about 7 years ago and they have been my constant companions ever since. When I go into the kitchen, bathroom, or den, they follow one right after the other never wanting to be left alone. I don’t know which one wants the companion more them or me. I can never thank you enough for all that you have done before, during, and after getting the dogs. She weighs in at about 3 1/2 pounds and is the cutest and smallest Maltese, according to my Vet. And, by the way, you were right, the smallest pup runs the household and the larger dogs let her boss them around. I still never had her fixed because she is so tiny and I’m afraid to breed her and put her through the surgery. I’m so in love with her that God forbid anything happens to any of my dogs, I don’t know if I could go on. They are my babies. Love your site and the pictures of your pups are priceless. I sent you some pictures of mine It’s hard to get them all to sit still but hope you enjoy them. The dogs I got from you are the two smaller ones with the dark pink bows. (CALIFORNIA)

Hope all is well with you. We are doing great. They are wonderful a total joy. They love to give & get kisses & know what kiss means. (CALIFORNIA)

She responds to her name already and is quite active. She’s very cute and sweet. I think she really likes companionship. Thanks (CALIFORNIA)

Thank you so much for our new bundle. She is absolutely adorable, playful, fun and loving! This Baby is my third child! With much love. (CALIFORNIA)

Here are some pictures of the maltepoo male that was shipped to Gulfport, MS. He is a bundle of joy. He is a typical little boy who gets so playful. The baby sitter says she has never come across two maltepoos with their wit and personality. They love walk and runs on the beach, they love to dress up They have both modeled for Polo and Tommy hifiger at the local outlet stores. They have begun to love crushed ice as if it were a treat. and for food they love chicken soup for the soul. Thanks again for the beautiful attraction to our family. (MISSISSIPPI)

Hello! I will send you pictures as soon as we upload them. I cannot begin to tell you what an angel you sent to us! Everywhere we go she is the center of attention! Speaking of everywhere we go, she has not left our side. She has been to Panera, Subway, Perkins, AJ’s Grille, Kroger, Meijer, Complete Petsmart, Three times to Elementary, four soccer games, the vet, grandparents overnight, the bathtub with our seven year old, Daddy’s business…and every single place we’ve gone, people stop dead in their tracks to tell us how beautiful she is!!! She goes along in my Dooney & Bourke bag, she loves it, never complains, and mostly naps! She is a pure joy! I knew from the pictures on your website that she was gorgeous, BUT, I never knew how adorable her temperament would be. She just wants to join in on our family life, happy-go-lucky! We all are goo-goo in love with her. She now weighs 3.2 lbs, loves her food and vitamins and new toys. You were so right, she LOVES blankies and cuddling. She sleeps in our king size bed every night with us and she chooses to go above my head between my pillow and a decorative one. She had her first bath with my daughter She was so cold and shaky but the hairdryer seemed to warm her up after a while. She then wrapped up in her pink blankie that you sent on the plane with her, cuddled in her new faux fur tiger print doggie bed in front of the gas fireplace and slept for two hours. At the pet store yesterday, we were there for an hour, because we met another Maltipoo owner (three times over). She fell so in love with her that she took out her phone and took multiple pictures of her. Like a complete photo shoot, with different poses, and props. It was insane. Then she called her husband and son to come up to the store to see what an adorable puppy was there! I felt like a celebrity. She deserves every bit of the attention, she is pure perfection. Thank you, thank you, thank you for babying your puppies as much as a mommy truly does. It shows! (OHIO)

She is doing really good, thank you!! We are soo happy and she is such a bundle of joy, I couldn’t be happier with her, she is such a great little addition to my family!! Thanks again (CALIFORNIA)

We are enjoying her so much! She goes into puppy mode and wears us out, and then she snugs up to us with kisses! We took her back to NC while we visited with our sons and daughters-in-law over the weekend (a trip we had planned long before we got her; I really did not want to break her schedule so soon, but we had not seen our children in over a year) and she did great on the flights! She was fidgety only a couple of times each way, a remarkable feat for an energetic puppy! She also went on two boat rides in the ocean, and for two long walks on the beach, both of which you’d think she’d already done a dozen times over! She was some cute! (CALIFORNIA)

He is doing really good. And each of us are enjoying him a lot. He has brought us a lot of joy!!! (CALIFORNIA)

Just to let you know, he is doing good. He is so cute and full of energy, everyone here is in love with him. (CALIFORNIA)

The pics are beautiful, and they want to post them in the town center mall. Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family. Our lives have changed drastically since they have arrived, and she is helping me. All have noticed the difference she has made in my life. Love to all. (CALIFORNIA)

She is a joy; we are enjoying her so much! She is so sweet and loveable, and I think she knows she hit the jackpot coming to us, too! She is just what we need. After we picked her up at LAX yesterday, she warmed our hearts so quickly that I actually ate something substantial for the first time in over 4 days. She will be sleeping with us every night; in fact, she got onto my pillow and curled into the back of my neck last night. It was such a comfort to have her there. She also tucked herself under his chin and licked him before settling down again. We laughed. We have taken her shopping and gotten her food, a few toys, a harness and leash, and an engraved id tag. She was a hit! She has also made 2 runs to Home Depot (one of our frequent stops and where we can take her inside) where all the noise and space didn’t bother her in the least, and again she was a big hit! Please be assured that she will receive the best love and care possible from us, which will include, of course, excellent vet care. We will send a few pictures soon, and again, thank you so much for sending her to us. (CALIFORNIA)

We absolutely adore him. My wife and I both think we were incredibly lucky to get such a sweet, smart dog. You should see all the tricks my daughter has taught him…! My other daughter falls asleep every night with him on her bed. He has really added a tremendous amount of joy and love to our family. (CALIFORNIA)

He is a dream! He loves to play and cuddle. He is eating and drinking well, but I’m cooking some chicken for him anyway. I’ve never seen my girls this happy!!! (CALIFORNIA)

Just wanted to give you an update. I am in love with him! He has been so wonderful! He’s adjusting to the big city just fine and loves everyone he’s met. Now that he’s had all his shots, he’s going to have his first play date with my friend’s Maltese puppy. (NEW YORK)

I’m just e-mailing you to thank you so much our little princess. She is a wonderful pup. We love her like one of our own. I just wanted to let you know how nice it was to work with you. (CALIFORNIA)

I am really happy with her and she has gone car riding nearly every day – tomorrow we fly to GA – she has a darling cabin bag and will ride with me. So..she is really getting the “travel bug” early and is doing great! I will be forwarding photos of her. I am really happy with her! These little puppies are the thing to have – they truly are easy and travel well and adapt to a busy lifestyle. At any rate – we are off to GA tomorrow – I will let you know how her first “cabin” airplane ride goes! (CALIFORNIA)

I’m completely in love with her! She gets cuter every day. She’s so smart.! (CALIFORNIA)

Hes Doing great, Hes so sweet and I LOVE him more EVERY second of the day. (CALIFORNIA)

She is a joy and my wife loves her. I will send you photos periodically. (CALIFORNIA)

Thank you sooooo much for our beautiful puppy. We just adore him! He is everything we expected and more. He is eating and drinking and looks very happy (Not so happy when we walk away). I’ll be in touch to let you know how he’s doing! Thanks again!!!! (CALIFORNIA)

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful puppy. She is really cute. I am very satisfied with my purchase. She is a bit spoiled already. I think she is very smart.. As for her potty, she is going on the paper very nicely. She slept with us last night. She is funny. She sleeps above our heads all night on the pillows and goes from one pillow to the next all night. Well that is all for now, we are really enjoying her. (CALIFORNIA)

She is our little princess and is treated accordingly. I cannot imagine my life without her now. She is such a smart one too! (CALIFORNIA)

Just wanted you to know that she is doing fine. I took her to the Vet this morning and he said she looked great! (CALIFORNIA)

I just wanted to write to you to tell you she is the most healthiest baby girl in the world! (CALIFORNIA)

He’s such a doll! I LOVE him to death, He’s my little baby boy! (CALIFORNIA)

She is truly such a joy, all she wants is to love, please, and be loved, and she brings so much joy and laughter to us. (CALIFORNIA)

My two girls are both crazy about him! Thank you again for bringing him into our lives. (CALIFORNIA)

We are doing absolutely great. She is so wonderful. Thank you so much. (CALIFORNIA)

I just wanted to let you know he is doing fine. He eats well, plays a lot, and sleeps next to me in my bed. His coat is so beautiful! Thank you very much for the puppy. I am very happy to Have him in my life. (CALIFORNIA)

She is doing wonderful. We love her to death. We have even thought about purchasing another one in the future. Thank you so much. (CALIFORNIA)

Our lil’ girl was such an angel on this trip; this was her first get-away with us and she was a champ. I tell ya she is our baby! (CALIFORNIA)

The puppy is great! My kids are crazy about him! (CALIFORNIA)

I don’t think I have thanked you enough for the precious gift you have given me. I just wanted to say thank you, She is doing great she is the love of my life and you truly are an excellent mother to these dolls. Always remember that! (CALIFORNIA)

Everything is going great! He is such a good boy. My son (2yrs.) LOVES him. They play together every chance they get. This weekend I felt like I had a babysitter because my son was so occupied playing with our new puppy. I am so happy with my decision. I was a bit skeptical about purchasing a puppy over the Internet and flying him out to me but you have been absolutely wonderful answering all of questions and then some. He is a beautiful healthy boy with good confirmation, I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you for the wonderful service. (CALIFORNIA)